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When Hell came home

Soon after your new life change….Now what?

Many people leave the Church because they are exhausted after experiencing Hell at home and work. It does not help to be criticized and ostracized when they assemble at Church. No, I am not blaming the Church. However, I am presenting information to encourage leaders to seek God in prayer for the flock. The problem is we are living in a time where the Rulers of Darkness and Spiritual Wickedness are prevalent. Everyone is right (in their own opinion), but hearts and minds are “being” overtaken and destroyed. They are assigned to wreak havoc on all creation. Yes, believers will be oppressed, persecuted, and executed too!

However, the troubles (Hell’s chokehold) validate scripture that Salvation is near. The events taking place are collectively compared with the birthing pains of the whole world. When we decide to assemble as a unit and conduct ourselves in a manner pleasing to God, the light of Jesus illuminates from within us, causing the Dragon (Satan) to direct his attention to the light. His goal is to inflict as much pain and discomfort as possible.

“Our changed life radiates Jesus from the darkness.”

“Our conduct causes us to stand out.”

Currently, I am creating a free online course titled “I am more than this….” My objective is to encourage and inspire others to maintain their FAITH and PATIENCE in God. You see, Hell isn’t following you. It is already present in the form of” our misconduct and misguided interactions with each other…Jesus’ light reveals. Also, your newly strengthened relationship only angers the Enemy into taking action against you and your changed life.

Now that Hell has been revealed within our homes, workplaces, and world, what are we to do?

*Please note: Truth, Power, and Life are sealed in the hearts and minds of the believer. (Those that are unshaken in their FAITH and LOVE for God.)

Don’t try to understand why Hell is more pronounced!

Instead, focus your attention on becoming the one mentioned in Revelation 14:

“12 Here [comes in a call for] the steadfastness of the saints [the patience, the endurance of the people of God], those who [habitually] keep God’s commandments and [their] faith in Jesus.”

Through Christ Jesus, you are a New Creation (Born Again)

As a New Creation in Christ Jesus, we are to inspire and encourage those trapped in their allegiance to the curator of Hell on Earth (Satan). Your ability to endure and remain loyal unto God is the light that defeats the Ruler of Darkness. In addition, having the self-control to subdue your emotions and conscience to present yourself as a living witness (sacrifice) for those on the fence. I am thankful unto God for you.

Be encouraged. Be great. Be the one whose name is written in the Lamb’s Book of life and sealed with the Holy Spirit, destined to receive the Crown of Life and a Garment of Praise.

This is just a short article to say STAY THE COURSE. HELL IS NOT YOUR END!!!

~Your Brother in Christ 21

*If this has been a blessing, take advantage of our free subscription.


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