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When Two Opinions- destroy a Nation!

They both are the cause of the curse that destroys from the inside out.

Photo by Peter Schultz

In history, we learn of great nations plummeting because of internal disagreements and poor management of resources and population.

Many don’t want to consider how these opinions on not obeying and serving God played in these nations’ demise.

Our history books will not justify this because it would cause historians to confess the sins of leaders who were powerful enough to muzzle all who dared. Here in America, we have such a thing brewing in the midst. For instance, the Left and Right Wing ideologies have greatly influenced the Democratic and Republican Parties [even swaying Independents]. Hmmm.

They both have valid points! But - what makes them valid? What if - their valid points are the reasons the nation is being torn apart?

In God we trust!

We must be clear on which God we are referring to! For instance, the Children of Israel, under the leadership of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel, brought a different opinion on which God is God. Elijah (prophet of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) was chosen to address the issue.

The one whose God answers, by fire to consume the sacrifice, let Him be God.

Elijah was not part of any political views, party, or ideology. He was a true independent that relied on God’s laws and principles to govern his life and affairs. There were 450 prophets of Baal (the god of Jezebel’s people - Conservatives/ Republicans/ Right Wing) and 400 prophets of Asherah (the god that Jezebel also brought to Israel - Liberals/ Democrats/ Left Wing).

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob - the Father of Jesus was the only one to consume the sacrifice by fire.

Only the witnesses would believe and put their trust in God!

One Nation under God!

After concluding which God is God, we must address the elephant in the room! To whom do we owe allegiance too? The flag or God? To be correct in my choice of words - you should give your allegiance to the one that has the power to protect, provide, and pardon you when you need it most.

Jesus painted a good picture of having two opinions about God and self.

In Matthew 25:31-46, we have evidence that the Nation will be divided into two parts - like a shepherd separating his sheep from the goats.

Sheep on the Right and Goats on the Left

Those on the Right were rewarded with eternal life/ Salvation for their souls because they followed Jesus’ example of how to live on earth. They were not super religious. They were simply obedient with compassion for others.

Those on the Left were rewarded with eternal damnation/ souls punished because they did not follow Jesus’ example of how to live on earth. They were self-centered and did good only to be seen and celebrated by others.

With liberty, choose today where your allegiance is pledged.

Paul, an apostle of Jesus, implied that when humans lean on their own understandings and consciously decide to twist and distort God’s Word - God turns them over to themselves. In other words, they become the architect of their own demise.

Yes, no one to blame for where you are in life or how hard your life is!!

When Egypt was being punished, a small place in Egypt called Goshen, filled with inhabitants covered by the blood of the lamb, was spared. Today, in the Nation you live, are you covered by the blood of Jesus [The Lamb of God]? Praying for a nation that rejects God as God - doesn't always end how we expect!

Ezekiel 14:12-14 (ERV)

12 Then the word of the Lord came to me. He said, 13 “Son of man, I will punish any nation that leaves me and sins against me. I will stop their food supply. I might cause a famine and remove the people and animals from that country. 14 I would punish that country even if Noah, Daniel, and Job[a] lived there. They could save their own lives by their goodness, but they could not save the whole country.” This is what the Lord God said.

The choice is yours to make, the true God (Father of Jesus) to receive your allegiance or not???


~Your Brother in Christ 21

A Session with your Brother.

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