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Why are we so divided in our Marriage?

A session with your Brother: Vision

Marriage Institution: The Founder is God, who is the Head of both Husband and Wife

The husband has no vision.

The husband has a vision, the wife is committed to another's vision or believes God has a different vision.

Foundation: The Husband is the Head, and the Wife is the Helpmate

No Vision:

To the Husband - seek the Lord to give or restore your vision.

To the Wife - intercede for your husband that God will bless him with the vision to lead as God purposed.


To the Husband - God is not the author of confusion. Seek God's counsel and direction. The marriage union is spiritually broken already. There is no unity of heart and mind.

To the Wife - God is not the author of confusion. Something is off because God brings the wife to help the husband fulfill the vision He gives to the Head.

I am giving my viewpoint based on my understanding of God's word. God will always confirm His word when He speaks. Unless God is speaking through me, you have nothing to worry about...

Unity is the result of an agreement. Disunity is the agreement to disagree.

Manage your situation by God's word and not by people's advice or your emotions. I am not God. I am saying go to Him and get it right. Your Peace of mind. Your Delicate Heart. Don't be trapped by your fondness for each other while the enemy gains the upper hand because you are not united.

United we stand and divided we...Yeah. God is the only Truth!! Don't be discouraged. God will confirm and set things right.

More on Why we are divided in our Marriage is coming soon...


Your Brother in Christ 21

Marriage is a gift from God; handle it accordingly.


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