Why is purpose so hard to find?

Why is purpose so hard to find?

The cemetery is filled with remains of people that had the potential to achieve but were cut short. What would they say to us?

  1. What was envisioned has faded over the years of disappointment. (Understood)

  2. What was declared years back has faded because life happened. (Understood)

  3. What was once felt would be great has dissipated over the years due to inconsistency and frequent setbacks. (Understood)

Look at the occurrences and repositioning in your life.


You have tried it your way, other people's way, and God's way half-hearted. "Purpose" is revealed, not discovered!!! Hmmm - that's why it is hard to find. [Wasn't meant to be found!]


"Nothing happens by mistake" - remember that saying? Well, consider what is happening in your life and what God's word says about overcoming or enduring similar situations.

This is where God reveals purpose.

We have wasted time and energy figuring out what God has already worked out. If that is your choice, God will permit you to do it on your own. However, the outcome tends to be drastically seen and acknowledged within the confounds of the cemetery.

Our Purpose in life is not meant to be found; it is meant to be revealed when we surrender to God wholeheartedly.

In the name of Jesus - Be released from the stress of figuring out your next move in life. There is much more "Quality of life" to live than you can imagine.

Quality over Quantity. [Those who are going through something understand this meaning]

Father God, have mercy on us and grant us the revelation of our purpose that we may live accordingly. I ask in Jesus' name. Amen.

~Your Brother in Christ 21

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