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Will it ever turn in my favor? pt.2

Who you are now is Ending that who you are to become may Begin.

Questions are being asked “, and no one seems to be answering. However, today, answers will be shared with no stones attached. Can you handle the truth? - it’s a lifeline, not a stone!

  • Why are these things happening against you? And, why now?

  • What am I to do to change the outcome?

  • When will I see results in my favor?

The Bible tells us that things happen against us for two reasons.

  1. When the enemy is upset with our relationship with God or

  2. when God is against us for not obeying His voice (Words) and disregarding His authority (Commands) as God.

Our conscience will examine our current situation. I believe we all have lied to ourselves and others when we are in the process of getting some “act right.” Therefore, reflecting on what has already been said and placing God into the equation, we bring an End to our lies. With God’s divine intervention, we Begin to speak truth to ourselves, being deceived no longer by anyone!

Can you relate to the questions? Yes or No.

The manifestations of “negative occurrences” in our lives produce stress and mood swings towards people we love and self-defeated mindsets.

  • Nothing is working in your favor.

  • Your dreams and aspirations are fading fast.

  • You are frustrated with life, people, and the status quo.

According to the Bible, when manifestations such as these happen, it is because of two reasons

  1. The time and season have ended for the current status, or

  2. we are cursed for not obeying and observing God’s standards for living on purpose.

You got it! That is not for anyone to judge prematurely.

Truthfully, we must consider the ruler we are using to measure our progress and mishaps. For instance, our mood swings and withdrawal from people (who speak the truth out of love) is a good indicator we are using the wrong ruler. The flattering lips of people you believe are real are “Really Wrong!” Unfortunately, we tend to learn this after wasting years of our lives. The measurement used on others is now being used on you. Facts!

Family, a word of wisdom…

Let go and stop fighting against the change required to produce the peace and impact your life was predestined to bring to the world. Forgive and move on. Apologize and move on. Don’t repeat the same mistakes. Knockdown the walls you created that have become your prison.

Be encouraged. Be free from who you were. Be blessed.

A Session with your Brother ~ Your Brother in Christ 21

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